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Defensive Family Preparedness For Uncertain Times




These are unprecedented timesThe world has become an ever evolving platform of rapid change.  In fact, it has been said “Nothing Is So Consistent As Change.' These changes have created new hazards, exposures, challenges and risks. Options and alternatives must be considered, not only for our convenience and comfort, but for our very own future survival!  Responding to these new threats and challenges requires serious thought and preparation.

The “Prepper” Movement is growing rapidly, not only in the US, but all over the world.  “Preppers” are people who make plans and preparations to ensure that they and their families are equipped to deal with challenges, survivor issues, and/or major changes in their lifestyle, as a result of external factors.



In the last few years we have witnessed the beginning of new prepping groups and organizations.  These are structured to share and support like-minded individuals and other Preppers in their efforts to be prepared for the many possible negative events they believe will be encountered. There are now numerous web sites, videos, prepping books, online social networks, forums, blogs, prepping courses, retail and online supply sources, and conferences for Preppers.


Preppers are not necessarily survivalists, but survivalists are Preppers!  Gone is the image of the back woods recluse living in a tent or lean-to declaring doomsday and the end of the world!  Today’s Prepper is more concerned with potential events that could threaten his or her family’s safety and well-being. Such events like civil unrest, food and water shortages, pandemics, natural disasters, military events,  financial melt downs, even personal setbacks and job loss, as well as a complete disruption and breakdown of society.  Your trusted source for information, recommendations, and products is The Prepper Preacher!


Preppers today are likely to be your next door neighbor, your doctor or lawyer, or even your best friend.  There are many levels of preparation. The serious Prepper probably wants a long-term safe food storage source and the ability to pour pure water.  Or, maybe it’s Castle Defense in case of other non-Preppers who would consider forcibly attempting to take what is yours.  Many people realize that the veil of civilization can be very thin!  Others just want to get off the grid as much as possible, maybe grow at least some of their own food in veggie gardens or maybe they are more concerned with just the short-term negative possibilities of job loss, natural disasters and localized problems.


 Whatever the level of preparation, preparation makes sense! Consider the fact that you will be responsible for yourself and your family Essentials, as we realize how quickly government agencies and so-called first responders have been, and will be, overwhelmed! This is especially true with major emergencies and natural disasters, as we have recently witnessed!


The purpose and goal of The Prepper Preacher is to raise awareness regarding the sensibility of preparation and planning in these very uncertain times!


Emergency preparation checklist

Here are a few of the excellent products, sources and guides to help you identify your personal emergency preparedness needs and resources.

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While many Preppers carefully plan an escape scenario in the event that things turn really nasty, others plan to survive in place. Moving to a remote location, or even just far from the multitudes of people, is just not possible for many folks, as our jobs often require us to live in sprawling suburbs or downtown locations. Knowing how to survive in place for these people is of the utmost importance! Think of your home as your castle that must be defended when threatned! Effective castle defense requires adequate food, the ability to pour pure water, first aid, theft and invasion deterrents, as well as defensive options such as firearms and ammo. Most preppers believe a huge threat to personal safety and survivability, are the non-preppers !  For example, the food delivery grid is a very fragile “Just in Time” (JIT) system, and if disrupted, could result in mobs, probably armed,  who will think nothing of using deadly force, if necessary, to take your provisions!



Maybe, maybe not!  We can’t answer that question for you personally.  You have to evaluate your exposure to any perceived or anticipated threat that would impact you and your family's health, security, safety and lifestyle.  Prepping is interpreted in many different ways by each of us, and whatever level of Prepping you do should give you comfort and peace of mind.

But here is what we do know!  Volatile and uncertain national and global conditions present obvious potential threats. Many of these uncertainties and potential lifestyle threats are listed on this website, 'The Prepper Preacher'.  We don’t see any downside to Prepping.  If you do it, and don’t ever need it, what have you lost?  Nothing!  Your prepping efforts, however, could even save your life when the “you know what” hits the fan!

Big Crises, Small Crises or even In-Between Crises, history tells us that changes and challenges can develop very quickly!  What you have to personally decide is, what you believe is the Possibility and then what you believe is the Probability!

When a threat becomes a reality,  sorry, but you may be too late to become a Prepper!